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Open-Heart Meditation for self-love

The heart chakra is guided by sensation, feeling, and emotion. When we live with fear,

depression, or worry, the body contracts in an effort to protect and defend itself. The

physical practice for the heart involves stretching its supporting anatomy to give the

chest some breathing room. Teach yourself to activate your layers of physical

heart consciousness by uncovering the obstacles to self-love while releasing

blocked or flooded emotions with the Open Heart Meditation


Take a comfortable seated position, settling into the weight of your bones and relaxing the jaw, tongue, and throat. Gradually bring your awareness into the cave of your heart.

Observe the outside surface of your heart, the side that faces outward toward the world. Think of any events within the last several days that have had an impact on your emotional state.

Next, bring awareness to your inner heart, feeling how these events affect your

breathing, heart rate, and energy body. Observe the impression of pain, pleasure, body temperature, and circulation. Note any dark sensations such as humiliation, anger, panic, embarrassment, or guilt. Be patient with yourself while practicing nonjudgmental awareness.

Finally, bring mindfulness to the entire surface of the heart. Feel the space and lightness

in your chest. Meditate on a glorious emerald green field inside the heart chakra,

where the only thought that exists is pure

love and appreciation for yourself.

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