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How seniors can live their best life

By Jason Lewis (Guest Blogger)

When seniors retire from their lifelong careers, they’re often said to be living in their Golden Years. The terminology has become so ingrained in our nomenclature that few likely realize that it was simply made up as part of a 1959 ad campaign for a senior retirement community. While it’s true that many seniors remain active and in good health, many others suffer from years of destructive lifestyle behaviors and believe it’s too late to reverse the consequences of their choices. In fact, as so aptly stated in the book Motivational Yoga, regardless of one’s age, a healthy life practice should concentrate on living “the best life you can.”

Learning new tricks. As we age, our bodies can’t exercise like they used to. The irony is that the more we move, the more we increase our balance, agility, flexibility, and capability. For instance, swimming is a stress-free activity for improving flexibility, while the buoyancy of the water is ideal for anyone who suffers from joint pain. Yoga, walking, and even dancing are beneficial for balance and strength, an important consideration for seniors as the risk of serious injury from falls increases.

Taking a vegetarian cooking class or Mediterranean-style eating can open one’s mind to an entirely new way of eating. Once you start to feel better physically, it becomes easier to try new things that can lead to better health.

Keeping the mind focused and sharp. Having good mental energy and a positive outlook can be just as important to overall well-being as one’s physical health.

· Yoga practices are valuable for seniors and provide a variety of mental and physical benefits, including reducing anxiety.

· One's senior years may be the perfect time to pick up an old hobby or, better yet, learn a new one.

· Golf is an ideal physical sport for seniors and provides healthy outdoor time.

· Volunteering can also keep the mind sharp, increase confidence, and help seniors stay connected to their community.

Shatter the self-created obstacles. Time is going to pass whether you take positive action to create the life you want to live or not. Use the time you have left to make the choices that will create the life you need to live fully, with purpose, and in a manner that pays homage to your past contributions. Motivational Yoga provides an excellent starting point and can help you realize that the only thing stopping you from living your best life now while transforming your Golden Years from a kitschy ad campaign to reality, is you.

About guest blogger, Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis is a personal trainer who became the primary caretaker for his mother after surgery. As he helped her through recovery, he discovered the need for trainers who cater specifically to the senior community. Having worked with his mother’s doctors, as well as other personal trainers, Jason created a series of programs that are considerate to the unique health needs of those 65 and older.

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