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Motivational Yoga with Nancy Gerstein

Yoga Fuel for Life.

"Your yoga begins when you leave the classroom.
It’s how you relate to people and how you relate to the world.

Your yoga is the giving and receiving.
It's the wellness between inner and outer worlds.
Your yoga is living the purpose of your life.
Your yoga is to spread peace one person at a time."


Motivational Yoga by Nancy Gerstein



Motivational Yoga

No matter what you need in your life, there’s a Motivational Yoga practice that will enrich and empower your decisions and results. Motivational Yoga delivers the inspiration, visualization, and dedication to live the best life you can. This isn’t sugar-coated yoga, this is a practice to face your fears, vulnerabilities, and inner enemies to reach your goals.

Live the Best Life You Can.

What you choose to do with your day and the choices you make can be significantly altered when you live in an active energy state. The energy that you’re feeling at any given moment, including now, is your current identity. This is who you are right now. By feeling better, you will live better.

Change Your Mood, Change Your Destiny.

The potential of the practice.

A yoga practice and commitment can be laborious, and at the same time serendipitous and full of excitement. It’s a curious adventure, a momentous discovery, and a quiet trip into our inner world all rolled into one. Each instant on the Motivational Yoga path holds the opportunity to feel spacious, connected, inspired, and so much more alive.

What do you want to do?

Who do you want to be? 

What’s stopping you?

“Known is being comfortable and stagnant. 

The unknown may be growth and opportunities.”

Tsem Rinpoche


Nancy Gerstein

“Each instant on this yogic path holds the opportunity to feel spacious, connected, and so much more alive.” 


Yoga teacher, author, speaker, and entrepreneur Nancy Gerstein has been teaching and presenting yoga workshops since 1998. Her books Motivational Yoga and  Guiding Yoga’s Light have become the go-to reference books for yoga teachers and students alike.


Nancy’s Motivational Yoga teachings are a catalyst for change embodying a galvanizing practice that imparts personal growth and development. Her classes feed body and mind, encouraging students to make conscious choices about how they direct thoughts, energy, and focus to live the best life they can.


It's Nancy's belief that to live a healthy, complete and joyous existence, the real yoga practice and potential begins when we leave the classroom.

Teaching Style

"With the right intention, everything we do on the mat can inspire us to live more fully off the mat."


No matter who you are or what you do, you absolutely have the power to transform. All you have to do is make the decision. Keep it simple, do the practice, and applaud your daily transformations.


Nancy has contributed to Yogi Times, LA Yoga, Elephant Journal, Yoga Chicago, Yoga Magazine, Fit Yoga, OmPlace, Integral Yoga Magazine, Yoga and Health Magazine, and more. Read a recent contribution in Yoga + Life Magazine and listen to Nancy's interview on the Fresh Breath podcast.


“When I'm teaching, the whole world gets out of the way and I have one mind, one thought, one focus. Buddha said, 'The whole world is nothing but you.' Now I understand.” 



Motivational Yoga_ 100 Lessons for Stren

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Motivational Yoga: 100 Lessons for Strength, Energy, and Transformation

Motivational Yoga: 100 Lessons for Strength, Energy, and Transformation provides 100 lesson plans to help yoga teachers, passionate yoga students, and fitness professionals bring yoga concepts and philosophies into practice both on and off the mat through asana, meditation, pranayama, and words of motivation.


This book is for the curious and introspective yogi who wants to step out of the bounds of teaching asana only. Motivational Yoga encourages practitioners to move forward, be inquisitive, and discover their unlimited potential by going after the life they desire. 

Order your copy today!

Guiding Yoga's Light

Guiding Yoga's Light, now in its second expanded edition is a teacher and student’s resource for taking their practice and teaching to the next level - into their daily lives. Guiding Yoga's Light moves beyond the physical aspects of asana to help teachers and students explore the deeper concepts of yogic philosophy and offer insight into the integration of yogic teachings into everyday life. 

Guiding Yoga's Light presents 74, succinct and illuminating lesson plans for beginning to advanced students. Each lesson embraces a wide array of yoga concepts from teaching basic diaphragmatic breathing to mindfulness training to applying the yamas and niyamas into hatha practice.

Reviews for Motivational Yoga

"Motivational Yoga offers wise and practical words for teachers, reminding us that we are all students, we all need to breathe and we all need yoga! It’s a well-spring of resources and guidance for yoga teachers, both new and experienced."


Julie Chavanu, Founder of Yoga Tree Consulting, Creator of Yoga Trainers Workshop

Yoga at Home


  Tuesday 6 PM - 7 PM
Hatha Yoga Flow, Level 1- 2
Morton Grove Park District
  Wednesday Noon - 1 PM - LIVE ON ZOOM
Lunchtime "Flow & Go"
All Levels 
Heaven Meets Earth Yoga
  Thursday  9AM - 10 AM 
Vinyasa Flow, Level 2         
North Suburban YMCA



Thursday, December 16

6 - 7 pm

Morton Grove Park District

Celebrate the Winter solstice and calm your weary mind as we flow through a relaxing, restorative 60-minute hatha yoga class. Lights are dimmed, candles are lit, and soft music is played to set the ultimate ambiance for your practice.  For more information, email


Tune-In Wednesdays

Noon - 1 pm (CST)

Register at Heaven Meets Earth. 

ZOOM link will be sent when registration is complete.

   Lunchtime Flow & Go - Yoga practices to help you relax, expand, and energize during your lunch hour.  Grab your mat, a blanket, a strap, and a block if you have them. Then get ready for mindful, full-body vinyasa movement, expansive breathing, and deep relaxation to leave you fully cleansed, energized, and productive for the remainder of your day.



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"Create a morning celebration. When you wake up, celebrate! You’re here, alive for another day to enjoy your loved ones, have a new experience, and another opportunity to achieve something meaningful." ~ Nancy G