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Obstacles on the path

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Life is not always a clear path. If it were, we would learn very little.

One day, the peasants from an ancient village discovered a large boulder in the middle of their main pathway. The people reacted to it in many different ways. The busy, rich businesspeople and merchants had their servants carry them around it. Others turned back realizing that passing was futile. Others gathered around the boulder to criticize their King for not taking better care of the roads.

The next day, a peasant came by carrying a load of vegetables to sell in the market. Since he needed to pass the boulder to get to the market, he calmly put down his heavy load began to push the heavy boulder from many directions. Finally, the boulder rolled out of the road. As he bent down to pick up his load of vegetables, he noticed something lying in the road where the boulder had been. It was a wallet filled with gold coins and a note from the King. The note said, 'This reward is for anyone who has the commitment to move the boulder from the road.' We often see that the universe has thrown obstacles in our path. Our natural instinct is to bypass them – using our influence or wealth or to turn around and go a different path, or we give up, seeing the obstacles as insurmountable. Perhaps we find ourselves criticizing life, circumstances, or anyone or thing that we feel is making our life difficult. Yet, for those who have the commitment and dedication to conquer the obstacle, the rewards are great. Not only will the path be clear, but we will also become far richer (whether spiritually, mentally, or financially) by having the tenacity to overcome the hurdles in our way.

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