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Avoiding Distractions at Work

The modern context in which most of us work has made us experts in distraction. We're faced with droves of constant dinging interruptions, a dependency on texting, and an obsession with social media. Because we're actually getting paid to focus on the task at hand, this circuit overload can lead to the frustration of trying to get everything done correctly and on-time.

Every time we get distracted, our brains have to reconnect with our original focus to us get back in the zone and on task. Which takes up even more time. On one particularly frantic day at work, I stopped to realize I had 7+ windows open at once. From that flash of insight, I made a few adjustments to help my wondering work brain so I could take back the control I'd given away to a monkey-minded digital universe. Plus, I've learned to reap the benefits of mindfulness (thank you, yoga ).

Keep your focus at work by using this list of on-task tips for managing distractions.

1. Silence Your Alerts. Turn off your phone's dings and bells. The meant-to-be startling social media alerts, news updates, and new emails will wait for you. You already know that immediate reading, or worse, responding, will draw you away from your focus. If your alerts light up your phone, turn your phone over or put it in a drawer.

2. Turn off your computer's email alerts. Don't let anything tempt you from your current screen. One day of this practice will demonstrate how much more you'll accomplish.

3. Do NOT open any other pages other than the one you're currently using for your project. Remember this and repeat after me: "Checking social media will time-suck me down a rabbit hole."

4. Schedule a distraction break. Limit your distraction breaks to 15 minutes or less. This way, you can return your phone calls and check emails on your schedule, rather than as they happen. You'll still stay in-the-loop and up-the-date with your customers, clients, and friends, but without the "emergency mode" leading your decisions. Consider your distraction breaks a reward for all your productivity.

5. Get to work early. Start your work day early, before your co-workers arrive. You'll get a great head start on the day and feel accomplished by the time 9am rolls around.

How do you avoid distractions at work? Email your suggestions to Nancy@MotivationalYoga.Net

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